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Established in the year 2003, “Go Green Ventures”, our team members comes from core Engineering background with extensive experience of serving multinationals. Also all our engineers are comprises various technically skilled who have sharp knowledge and useful experience of the industry and certified by MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy).

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Helps you plug into the most Powerful & endless source of natural energy Known to man

Solar Energy is here to stay. The period of evolution is over and a quiet revolution is changing the way we think about Solar Energy. Today, it presents a mind boggling array of business opportunities because the technology has become sophisticated and applicable just about anywhere -home, commercial, institutional and new applications are being tried out in all areas of human endeavour. The fantastic 200% years on year growth of the Solar Industry reflects this reality. At present, Go Green Venture is putting its sincere efforts in contributing towards green energy. We have introduced various new products and solutions for producing clean energy. The company aims to become the pioneer in “Generation of Green Energy”.

Products & Services


Ongrid Solar Net Meter System

Our ongrid Net meter system includes all required system components like Solar Panels, Ongrid Inverter, net meter, AC/DC cabelling, AC/DC isolation & protection devices, earthing material etc.

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Offgrid Solar System

Our off grid Solar Energy System are best if you are facing issue of frequent power cuts. Energy generated from solar system is stored in battery bank. In case of power failure, energy stored in batteries can be utilized.

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Solar Power Plant (EPC)

Our solar power EPC Division is specialized in the setting up of solar photo-voltaic (PV) Power Plants on EPC or turnkey basis. Depending on the requirements We can design and install both systems.

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Solar Financing

We provide Solar financing solutions for commercial & industrial customers, wherein we pay for the solar equipment, installation & maintenance and the customer pays only for solar power that is produced.

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Wind Mill

We install Hybrid Wind Mills from 500 watts up to 8500 watts, having the following hybrid combination…These Wind Mills can be installed either on Ground or also on Roof Tops of bungalows or High Rise buildings.

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Solar Inverters

Solar Inverter generate power form the solar rays coming to the Earths surface.The amount of power generated is equivalent to the number of Solar Panels installed with the system.

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Solar Street Lights

Typical Solar Street Light Installation with the Solar Panel facing South direction & the LED Light facing the area to be illuminated, with the Powder Coated Battery Box.The battery box is also powder coated for a longer life.

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Solar Water Heaters

A wide range of solar water heaters that have been designed in strict compliance with international quality standards are available with us.hot water is in turn stored in a well insulated stainless steel tank.

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Solar Garden Light

These are very beautiful stainless steel or plastic structures which have a Solar panel on the top of the structure which generate a good amount of electricity, which is used to illuminate the garden automatically.

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Solar Lanterns

It comes with a Solar Panel which can be attached to the Lantern to charge the Lantern. This Solar Lantern has a monotony of working for 3 days after fully charging for 8 hours.

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Solar Home Lighting System

A Solar Photo Voltaic panel is placed on the terrace of your house. This panel charges the Battery inside the Solar Home Lighting system. The stored charge is then used during the night to illuminate the room.

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Unique Design For Unique Customer Requirements


Turnkey Installation

Installation Supervision

Team of professionals

Site Analysis

Custom Design Engineering

Competitive pricing

Completion at pre-determined timeframe

Unique Features Of Our System

    1. 100% error free & Maintenance free operations.
    2. 25 years warranty on solar panels.
    3. Recovery of the invested amount within 2 years period.
    4. Efficient Remote monitoring.
    5. Nearly 30% Government Subsidy.
We will reduce your electrical bills to ZERO, by Netting off the solar generated electrical supply with the electric board company. All the common utilities like Lift, Water Pump, common lights & Society Office will work on this Solar energy.